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uninvited guests. japan coast guard crews say taiwanese boats entered japanese territorial waters near a chain of disputed islands. japan coast guard crews are tracking a flotilla of boats near a chain of disputed islands in the east china sea. they say the vessels briefly entered territorial waters. japan controls the senkaku islands. taiwan and china also claim them. coast guard officers have spent
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awe they say around 40 fishing boats and several patrol ships from taiwan entered japanese waters on tuesday. they left a day earlier from taiwan. they're protesting against japan's nationalization of the territory. they are also asserting fishing rights in the area. coast guard officers tried to stop the taiwanese boats, by blasting them with water. taiwanese vessels, responded by spraying water back. coast guard crews used microphones and electronic signs to warn the boats to leave japanese waters. they say vessels changed course and and a half gatd navigated i of taiwan. fengd off action by china to push its claim to the senkaku islands. china handed in a new chart to the u.n. on september the 13th.
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it showed a territorial baseline extending beyond the senkaku islands. japanese foreign ministry officials said they have responded with a document objecting to chinese application. the document states the senkakus historically and legally belong to japan. it says the country cannot accept china's claim to the territory. the u.n. is expected to post the document on its website. prime minister yoshihiko noda is scheduled to speak at the u.n. general assembly on wednesday. he's expected to call for a resolution of territorial issues based on international laws. japan is also engaged in a dispute with south korea over the takeshima islands in the sea of japan. they say the issues could behindering regional stability. the south korean prime minister
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held talks in new york with his u.s. counterpart. the two officials aparentally did not refer directly to the territorial disputes with japan. but they emphasized historical issues remany unresolved. they agreed that regional stability depends on all countries in east asia nations having a correct understanding of history. japan's government has protested south korea's refusal to allow a japanese vessel to enter one of its ports. the japan maritime self defense forces destroyer is scheduled to take part in a joint drill. the united states, south korea, australia and japan will take part. japanese government officials called on south korea to review its decision. officials note ves vessels belog to other participants will enter the port. south korea repeated its refusal. the u.s.-led exercise is held
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every year and aim is to stop trafficking in weapons. south korea's refusal may receive fle reflect anti-japan sentiment could increase. strained by the country's repeated claims to the islands. the international envoy for syria is crafting a new plan to bring peace to the country. brahimi briefed the security council about the situation. brahimi took over as enjoy from former u.n. secretary general kofi annan. he met earlier this month with syrian president bashar al assad and members of opposition groups. brahimi told members after meeting with the security council that there's no prospect of a quick end to the violence but has a few ideas about how to bring the sides together. >> i think we will find an opening in the not too distant future. >> brahimi noted there are some signs that the divided syrian opposition may be moving toward
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unity. he's calling for the opposition groups to get together to negotiate a truce with the assad government. iran's president says diplomacy is still an option in the standoff over his country's nuclear program. western nations argue mahmoud ahmadinejad is trying to build a bomb. they want him to stop his scientists from making highly enriched uranium. the president tells nhk he'll do that provided other countries fill in the gap. ahmadinejad is also vowing he won't push back against international pressure by closing a key supply route for oil. nhk world's hirohito nezu reports. >> reporter: ahmadinejad spoke to nhk in york where he's scheduled to attend the annual meeting of the u.n. general assembly. he's thought to dispel international concern over the possible closure of the strait of hormuz, the main shipping route for middle east oil. >> translator: iran has been
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maintaining the stability of the strait. we will never pose a threat in its waters. >> reporter: western nations have been demanding iran halt its nuclear project. iran has responded by warning it might close the strait in the persian gulf. about 90% of japan's oil imports comes through the narrow channel. iran has a large military power. in a speech, ahmadinejad said iran could press ahead with its nuclear program. but the president has to consider the increasingly harsh domestic economy. western nations are restricting
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imports of iran's crude oil, the country's economic lifeline. this has caused the price of food and other necessities to more than double over the last ten months. >> translator: the government says it will cut the price of meat, but it's still expensive. >> translator: i can't get by because of the high inflation. >> reporter: iran is also under international military pressure. israel has previously launched preemptive strikes on neighboring countries it suspects of planning to build nuclear weapons. the united states and other nations are staging what some
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has called the largest ever joint military drill in the persian gulf. but ahmadinejad said there's still room for diplomatic negotiations. >> translator: our negotiating stance has been if western countries provide us with 20% enriched uranium, we have no intention of producing it. we have presented many proposals to western countries. i hope they will remain at the negotiating table. >> reporter: iran's president says he wants to open international talks on the nuclear issue. western leaders say he's just trying to buy time. but the sanction is clearly hitting the schedule hard. ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak to the u.n. on wednesday. it will be his last request to general assembly before his term ends next year. it could be his last major
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stance to repair international relations and iran's struggling economy. but few observers expect that to happen. hirohito nezu, nhk world, new york. executives admitted to charges of covering up losses. on the first day of a trial, the former president of the leading optical equipment maker expressed regret. he said he had a hard time after learning about the cover-up but said he lacked the resolve to come clean. he also apologized to shareholders and employees. former auditor, and ex-vice president, also admitted to the charges. prosecutors said liolympus stard shifting losses from 1995 for win drdow dressing purposes and they said he knew fully about the massive cover-up.
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analysts are crunching the numbers. they're revising their outlook for global economic growth. her warning reflects sluggish performances in china and other emerging economies along with europe's persistent debt problems. lagarde says growth may fall below 39% for the year. and spoke ahead of the imf and world bank conferences held in tokyo. >> we clearly still foresee a gradual recovery. but the global growth that we have forecasted 12 month as go, that we have revised six months ago is likely to be a little weaker than we had anticipated. >> legarde says european credit woes and the fiscal cliff in the u.s. are risk factors for the global economy. drastic belt tightening in the u.s. early next year unless democratic and republican
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lawmakers reach an agreement in time. lagarde is keachi ikeeping an ee japanese economy and a plan for reducing debt. japan carries a greater proportion of dealt on its books than any other industrialized nation. the leaders of japan and colombia are weighing benefits of knocking down some of the barriers dividing their economies. they're expected to make an official decision on starting negotiation for a free trade deal. the prime minister noda and the president santos will decide during talks in new york. the countries have been contukticontukt icontukt -- conducting working studies. if they sign the deal, clom -- colombia's tariff will be lowered. the agreement will lead off to
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they yae creation of jobs. and expected to build factors in the south american country. colombia aims to increase exports of beef and bananas to japan. japanese businesses are scanning the map of southeast asia in the hunt for new production bases. they're asking leaders in vietnam to help more firms from japan get a foothold in the country. the chairman of atpan chamber of commerce and industry made the request at a meeting with vietnamese president. seeking the cooperation of the vietnamese government in improving the country's business environment. he says, japanese firms with high technologies can contribute to the economy. the president expressed his intention to provide maximum support stressing that vietnam is politically stable. officials at atpan chthe japan of commerce say firms in china may switch to vietnam. responding to recent anti-japan demonstrations in china.
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company executives will launch the new models in japan by march 2013. sharp has commercialized the world's first super high definition lcd panels. they consume 20% of the power compared to previous models. the firm may supply the panels to taiwan's precision industry. sharp is in talks with the taiwanese electronics firm about capital tie-up. sharp aims to turn to the black by showing a net profit in the business year through march 2014. the firm's main creditors, are to offer loans up to a combined total of $2.5 billion. that will raise the bank support to $4.5 billion. now, not exactly a household name. some might find that surprising given his most notable
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accomplishment. he was working for a research agency under the u.s. defense department when he came up with the idea of a network to connect end users, something we know as the internet. nhk world sat down with the man during his visit to japan. >> hello. >> hello. >> my name is vince surf. >> did you think the internet would expand the way it has. >> the simple honest answer is no. it wouldn't be correct. we were strongly motivated to develop this technology in the expectation it could be very powerful. we didn't sfoforesee everything. one thing we didn't see was the mobile hand held machine which is more powerful than most super computers were 40 years ago. >> while working at a research agency for the defense department, his theme was working to prevent the u.s. central communications control
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system from breaking down in case off take. the focus was on to link end upzeup users. laying the foundation for development of the internet. >> why do you think the internet has expanded beyond the borders of military and academia. >> at the time we knew if we wanted this to be adopted as international standard we would have to have no barriers to its use. so we didn't patent this technology. we deidn't contain it or contro in in any way. we made it readily avallilable. >> you could have made a lot of money if you made a patent. >> i've don't think so. if we had not chosen to -- make this public domain, basically, if we tried to control it and asked for compensation, i think most people would use that as an excuse, most companies would say we are not trind liinterested i licensing this technology.
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some times would be nice to be as rich as bill gates. having watched the way the internet has been taken up by the public and the private sector and by governments is very satisfying. >> most innovative event that happened because of the in the net? what would that be? >> let me suggest two answers to that. the first answer is the use of the mobile for personal communication and more coordination and collaboration has been extremely powerful. and, we see that with things like -- twitter, we see that with other kind of social networking. we have seen it in the political sense. in the arab spring for example. that is one very important evidence of the power of this thing. the second thing is, still on its way hasn't quite got there yet. the use of the mobile as -- as a sensor. these things have -- motion detectors in them. they could have sensors for the in environment, we could have
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radiation detectors, sensor, body's heartbeat and so on. >> what is your dream going beyond? >> well, my biggest dream right now is to get everybody in the world online. right now there is only about 2.5 billion on line. maybe 3 billion if you've count mobiles. and there are 7 billion people in the world. so google has 4 billion people to convert. hey lifetime job. lineups outside apple stores tell part of the story about the popular use smart phone. spokespersons are filling in the blanks. peopleicked up 5 million iphone 5s the first three days. apple says sales of the smartphone, friday to sunday, topped those of the mprevious model by 1 million units. features a larger screen and uses high speed lte wireless
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technology. apple is facing a legal challenge from samsung electronics. the south korean company suggested it may had iphone 5 to its patent infringement lawsuit against its rival. apple engineers say they're busy fixing a flaw that took some shine off the release of the iphone 5. the company's mapping program, dogged by glitches. the firm replaced the service of their rival google with their own in house product in their software update for iphones and ipads. users have complained the new application is unreliable. the haneda international airport is listed as a paper manufacturer. and, a small bay near tokyo is described as the philippine sea. apple users have also complained that the map provide less information on building names and railway lines than googles.
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officials are facing trouble with manufacturing. a riot broke out in a factory in china run by one of the company's suppa suppliers. it is affiliated with taiwanese electronics maker. fox officials say a fight started at a dormitory at the plant in china. brought escalated into a riot involving nearly 2,000 employees. local police made several arrests. officials say the fight appeared not to be work related. chinese state run news agency says police believe the fight started between workers from different provinces. reuters reported that the company suspended production at the plant. the company believed to make part for iphone 5. and, it highlights the risk foreign firms face in china a nother issue is wages. pay for chinese workers used to be so low, manufacturers could make some of the cheapest goods in the world. but, wages are rising.
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and prices are going up as a result. that's helping to slow china's fast paced economy. >> reporter: a variety of machines all have one thing in common. they're designed to help manufactures make products more efficiently. and more companies are paying attention. i'm interested in automation. why, because labor accounts for 2/of 2/3 of our total cost. >> reporter: a chinese government official says that rising costs of power is slowing exports and the main growth
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engine. >> translator: over the past year, some come pans have found labor costs have shot up over 20%. the cost of manpower remains high. so we must charge more for our products. and this hurts demand. this is creating an opportunity for the makers of factory equipment. among its products. this company, in shanghai, makes industrial welding products. europe's credit crisis slowed the company exports. domestic demand is rising. local companies are looking for ways to trim labor costs. the company vice president says this is welcome in the crisis in europe. modernizing equipment, cuts costs and increases competition. no wonder automated welding is
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attracting so much attention. for chinese factory owners. as a is hard to sell goods at competitive prices. and so many firms are replace workers with machines and all indications are that the trend will pick up. heavy rain and strong wind caused by a typhoon is affecting the residents in the philippines. for details on that and more, here is sayaka mori. >> the typhoon has been churning over the philippine seas. a violent tie soon. sustained wind, nearly 200 kilometers per hour, gusts over 285. so a very powerful typhoon is going to move toward the north-northwest. as it does so it could develop, even further, there is a
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possibility of it making landfall in the northeastern corner of luzon by thursday morning. local time. as the a violent typhoon. more stormy conditions are on the course. it could hit taiwan or the island later this week. this is not the only threat. we have another tropical activity. this is the tropical storm further south of japan. it is going to move up towards the north. stormy conditions from tomorrow. talking ab aing about rough sea strong wind. as it moves towards the north it will likely hit central japan as a strong typhoon by friday, friday, local time. so, heavy rain, strong wind, and rough seas are possible. later this week. we'll keep you posted on the storm's progress. as for japan. looking dry across most of the country at this moment. because of the typhoon, wet
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weather will return in central japan from thursday. up towards the north, wet and windy, weather continues. and the ground is saturated. and then the 150 millimeters likely into the next 24 hours. out west, a line of showers moving over china. going to be seeing the heaviest rain today. it has been active. major hurricane, downgraded into a category ii hurricane. weakening. by the time it reaches baja california, should weaken to a low. doesn't mean rain will decrease. heavy rain. rough sea conditions are possible. later this week or the weekend. as the for the rest of north america, then, we have got thunderstorms possible thunderstorms are possible across the central plains, central mississippi river valley, as well as ohio valley
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on your tuesday. all right, moving into europe then, a large and strong low-pressure system is still affecting the british isles and parts of the western continent with stormy conditions. most of the heavy rain should be moving towards the scandinavian peninsula, and central europe. see this low. hovering over the same area since monday. heavy rain, pounding the british isles. heavy rains have been posted for many locations. things will be looking up across many locations within the next 48 hours or so. but the southern portions of british isles including london, will remain wet into your wednesday. so, further flooding and landslide are going to be a high risk. temperatures are remaining on the cooler side in london. 15 degrees. 17 degrees in harris. and out towards the east. and warming up to 21 degrees. in berlin. and 34 in athens tuesday. all right, here is your extended forecast.
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> they have been removing and packing away art by the dutch artist as the museum closes for six months for remodeling. with 200 of the dutch impressionistic works, the museum is one of the city's attractions. it includes, sunflowers and bedroom. under the close watch of police officers, museum workers took the works off the walls after disconnecting the security alarms. they put the paintings in shock resistant cases that offer protection from temperature changes. some of the works will be lent to a museum until they can go back home next spring. the museum curator saiden order to safeguard the operation he cannot reveal the security measures taken. as many galleries and museums in europe have been targeted by the thiefs for their well known paintings. that's all for now on this
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edition of "news lean." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. thank you for joining us.
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